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Below Are Pictures of Available Pendant Settings

Heart Paw
Back of the Pendant
These pendants are sterling silver with an optional 14k gold-vermeil finish. They were created specifically for this jewelry and feature a vintage look to them. They are about 1-1/4" in size and have both a pin and a bail on the back so they can be worn as a pendant or a brooch.   They are very substantial and have room on the back for engraving.  The artwork is placed on mother of pearl in these pendants and they can have designs with more depth and height to them  placed inside.

The cost of artwork placed in these pendants is

See Thru Pendants
Blue Bells

These pendants are sterling silver with a bubble glass on both sides.  The hair art can be seen from both sides if the the hair art is not placed on the mother of pearl backing.  Both of the pendants at the top are created so that the design can be seen from both sides.  The pendant at the bottom has the hair art placed on the mother of pearl.  There is not a lot of depth in these pendants so the designs placed inside cannot have a lot of depth to them.  They are about 1" in size.  A picture or wording can be placed on the reverse side of the hair art if you wish.

These pendants are available in the styles shown.  A sideways oval, an upright oval and the heart shape.

The cost of artwork placed in these pendants is

Long Hair ChihuahuaFlower Earrings
Bracelet with Name Beads

This style pendant has a dome glass on each side with the hair being placed on a mother of pearl backing.  They are available in a variety of sizes so they can be made in the smaller size as earrings, and various sizes as pendants.  A picture or wording can be placed on the reverse of the hair art.  

This style pendant is available with a plain edge or with the gold rope edge as seen in the pictures.  

These pieces can also be ordered as a bracelet which has a beaded chain.  

They can be ordered in sterling silver, gold-filled and as a special order they are available in 14k gold.  
The cost of artwork placed in these pendants is:

Sterling Silver



Three Flowers in Sterling Pendant

These pendants are sterling silver and have more inside depth than the pendants above.  They have the option of having a design on both sides, or they can have wording or a picture on the reverse side of the hair art.

The size of these pendants is about 1" in diameter.
The cost of artwork placed in these pendants is:

Sterling Silver

Artwork in Antique Pendant

Artwork can be placed in a pendant that the client provides me.  Many clients have antique pieces or custom pieces that they would like art placed inside of. If I am provided a picture I can tell you if the design you would like placed inside would work.  I can usually place the design of your choice inside the pendant of your choice.

The cost of artwork varies but averages around

Artwork Placed In a Picture Frame

Picture frames can be ordered a very large variety of shapes and sizes.  The  picture frames out of necessity need to be deeper than a typical picture frame and much like a shadowbox.  Hair art that is placed inside the pictures frames is placed on a glass background.  More hair is needed to create a picture than the pendants due to the difference in size.   The larger the size the more hair that is needed.

These pieces vary in price greatly due to the cost of the frame and the size of the artwork.  Price is determined once the size and frame choice is known.

YOU pick the design to be placed inside.  The above pictures are of past designs and are used to show what hair art looks like inside the actual pendant.  These pendants are one of the most unique, sentimental and personal pieces of jewelry that can be given or received.  They not only contain the hair of a beloved pet, they are of the design you choose which is something that has the most meaning to you or the person you are creating it for.  Many persons choose the forget-me-not flower for instance.

You may choose any design you wish.  If you have something that is meaningful to you or to the person you are creating it for I can almost certainly create it for you even if you think it might not be something that could be created from hair.  Specific flowers can be created to represent a favorite flower, or to symbolize the birth month flowers.   All of these pieces are custom made to the client's specifications and vision.

If it is unusual, it most likely can be done if you provide a picture or even a sketch of what you would like to see created.  Some hair may not be suitable for some designs.  The basket weave design needs the hair to lay straight to create it for example.  If the hair is too short, or too curly or not enough of it for the first choice of design it can most certainly be made into another design of your choice.

In general it takes about ten days from  the time I receive the hair to create and finish a piece.  There are exceptions, but that is an average.  I will let you know the time frame when you order if it is different.  

My ordering procedure has been to ask for 1/2 of the total cost as a down payment at the time the hair is sent.   When I have completed the design I  scan it, send the picture to the client for approval or changes, and upon receiving final approval I complete the piece and get it ready for shipping.  After receiving the other half of the payment I send the completed piece using Priority Mail so it can be insured and tracked.  This procedure has worked flawlessly for approximately twenty years.  

Each piece is packaged in a "treasure box" for gifting

and/or safekeeping when not being worn.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and for your interest in this old art form.

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