Gallery of Past

Pet Hair Jewelry Pieces

by Hair Artist   Sandra Johnson

Dog Image Using fur Cat Image from Fur Dog Pendant using dog hair
Cat Fur Brooch
Flower from Dog Hair
Flower from Dog Fur

Butterfly from Dog Fur

Butterfly Dog Fur
Dog fur pendant
Dog Fur Pendant
Brittany Spaniel fur
Belgian Sheep dog fur
Dog fur Brooch
Hair Pendant
Shepard Fur Pendant
Dog Fur Brooch Poodle Fur Brooch
Cat Fur Brooch
Cat Fur Brooch
Dog Fur Pendant
Rose from Dog Hair
Husky fur
Cockerspaniel Fur
dog fur heart Golden Retieiver
poodle hair pendant
cat fur brooch
dog hair bracelet
German Shepard fur
Cat Fur Bracelet
husky bracelet
Earrings using dog fur

Dog Hair Bracelet

Wooly Mammoth Hair !!
Wooly Mammoth Hair Pendant


See Deneb the Wolf

Deneb Wolf Fur Pendant

hair pendant

A Keepsake for Every Pet Lover

These pendants are individually hand crafted by Hair Artist Sandra Johnson using vintage techniques from the 1800's.  A small clip of hair/fur from your dog, cat, or other pet is crafted into the image of your pet or the design of your choice and placed inside a keepsake pendant or jewelry piece.

If you save a clipping of  hair/fur you will be able to order this one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.  These pieces are custom created to your specifications and no two pieces will ever be exactly alike.

These pieces are heirloom quality and meant to last.

Sandra Johnson 2016